Itty just busted a move on something in my belly. Maybe he's break dancin'. He's potato size right now...about 5-6 inches long and is moving around doing something crazy. It's the strangest feeling and a little uncomfortable at times cause it feels like gas. I have to remind myself it's Flynn in there growing. My stomach had been so sore this past week - growing and stretching and then with his little swirly burly business, I've felt a little nausious actually. Things are better now. I'm sure he will be so much fun when he keeps me up at night with karate chops. His daddy did tai kwondo or something in highschool and is very flexible with the kicks, etc., so I'm sure he will be just like him. I need to measure my girth...getting pretty round.

I've been totally addicted to oranges and nectarines lately. I've drank and eaten oranges from the beginning, but recently found the ol' nectarines and love them...so juicy right now. I also crave protein...hamburgers, peanut butter/jelly sandwiches, steak. And, I eat a pickle every day...guess that's a typical move. I love pickled okra too....mmmm. I'm not really into vegetables, so I have to cram those down. Flynn loves Mexican food and he always wants a chocolate chip malt but Daddy won't get him many of those....meanie. Maybe I'll grab some ice cream tonight at the store.

Things are going pretty good though and I'm so excited for this little boy to be in our lives...sweetness!


pinkurocks said...

Love the new look blog - cute! And this blog post is even cuter. Man you guys are gonna make a great family. Can't wait to meet Flynn next time we visit!!!

Amy said...

Sounds like you're craving all the "boy" foods! Proteins and mexican food! Ice cream was my jam, for sure! Careful with the citrus later on in the pregnancy, it might lead to heartburn! OUCH.

amylovie said...

The only thing I craved when I was pregnant was milk. Couldn't drink enough of it.

It is a very weird feeling when the little fellers move around.