New Do...New Capelet

Showing them off in one night...how cute am I. This capelet turned out to be so pretty. I am way pleased with it...I didn't think I would like it at all, but once I steamed it up, it blossomed. And I am loving my new little hair cut too. Sara didn't want to do it so short, but I talked her into it and told her she could do whatever she wanted to it after summer. It is so easy to fix and will be great for our trip. This was actually taken the night of Sara's 30th birthday bash...her birthday is today - mine yesterday (see next post).

J.D. took pics of Sara for a Bodacious Magazine competition...go vote for her (Contestant #3) to be featured in the magazine...she's so pretty and outragious and yes she's in her underwear (beware).


Anonymous said...

Ooh, your haircut is just toooo cute and that capelet - congrats, it turned out super cute as well. AND Happy Birthday girl!!!!

kat (aka pinku)

amy said...

the capelet looks great!! i would never have considered it until i saw it on you! now i might have to find some yarn in my stash for it.

happiest of belated bdays to you! :)