Does everything have to be PINK? Uh, yes!

So I hear my hot pink scooter is ready to go in two weeks…we will be in Austin for the River Rally then and can pick it up while we are there…yikes…I’m nervous to see it…I expect near perfectness...and knowing me, it will not be to my standards...crossing my fingers...but can't wait to see it.

Am almost done with my pretty little capelet. Got a ton done to it yesterday at the ballpark. My firm (I work for an architectural firm) designed the Southwestern Bell Bricktown Ballpark in Oklahoma City, our offices are conveniently across the street, we have season tickets and once a year the whole firm of 40 goes to a game…of course this year it was full of screaming school children, was 55 degrees and raining…yeh…so I came prepared with a blanket and my knitting gear. I will have it finished to take on our trip…oh, my goodness I haven’t mentioned our trip…how could I forget to tell…will have more details below.

So, the pattern calls for a damn crochet edging…which I’m foregoing 1) because it will take some effort to familiarize myself with the art of crocheting and 2) since there will be effort envolved…I’m too lazy to do it. It will look fine without/ could always add at a later date…I just want to wear the thang.

Which brings me to remember I haven’t blocked and finished my peachy poncho. Hmmm, where did I put that? I need to get that ready for the trip as well.

So, guess where we are going, if you haven't already looked ahead, duh!

We are going to be American delegates at EuroVespa…the European Vespa Rally…


How awesome is that! We are considered delegates (how fancy) because J.D. is President of the Vespa Club of America. And, yes, my helmut is going to take over a third of my clothing space in my new pink suitcase…thank you very much...

…am smitten with that by the way plus got it on sale plus my mom bought it for me for my birthday on the 18th…so free to me all the way around. The rally is in some tiny lake resort town in southern Austria / Italy border. I did a semester abroad in Vienna, but never made it to this area…love Austria…gorgeous. And, can’t wait to go back to Italy….only a month away. Yippie!

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Anonymous said...

Aha! You like pink.... Have had a good trawl through your blog, and hope I can find/make nice hair accessories for you for Pinku swap. I'll let you know when they are in the post,


Secret Pinku Swap Pal