Craft Congress is now in session

pitts, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Marilyn and I went to the first ever Craft Congress (representing The Girlie Show) held in Pittsburgh two weekends ago. This is a view of downtown Pitts and the rivers/bridges from our hosts office (Ms. Al Hoff).

The Craft Congress is a group that was formed online just last year for "indie craft" event organizers/websites/magazines to network and get ideas about each others shows and share resources. The girls from Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh started it and set up the meeting. We had such an amazing time. There were about 50 reps there from many different events around the country and Canada and England. It was so awesome. We met the greatest people and made friends and contacts for the show. It was interesting because every single event, even though with a similar mission, is so different. I base it a lot on the resoursces of the individuals, their community support and region they are located for what makes each of us so different and successful in our own ways. There are so many fabulous events out there. What a truely great experience for us to attend the Congress.

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