My Sweet Pumpkin

Smile, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Can you even believe this? This is my boy! He is 2.5 lbs and doing great. We got our second ultrasound done this week and were totally shocked when they pulled up a few 3D photos of him. He is totally smiling here. He was moving his mouth and I could feel him and watch him move at the same time. If this isn't reality, then I don't know what is...of course until he comes into the world in three months.

I was so overwhelmed with emotion I was bawling. I didn't even know what it was I was feeling until I thought about it that night...I think it was just basically pure love for the little boy! He is already so amazing I can hardly stand it. And, of course he is moving around like crazy now. He can't wait to see me!

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meg said...

that is so insanely cool! i bet i would have cried, too.