Baby Lily's First Tattoo...

...Sweater. I am so close to finishing this dang Stitch n' Bitch Nation baby sweater. This pattern is from hell by the way. I hate it. Thank goodness for my girl Amy who was working on hers for her baby girl at the same time...we worked through this mess together. I am on the seaming and that should be no problem...then I'll add the song birds and collar and be done with it. This is my first baby sweater...it's turning out darling. Lily's momma has song bird tattoos, so she will be all dolled up too. Lily is due October 20...my wedding anniversary.
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Amy said...

You're almost finished! You'll be glad when you are. I've had a couple of people I don't know ask me about the pattern as well. So I'm thinking I might rewrite the damn thing and post it on my blog. I just don't know if that's legal. Thoughts on the subject?