A Little Bit O' Henna

Loving this!!! Oh my goodness...sweet Jesus!
One of our artists at The Girlie Show, Jennifer Cinocco, does henna. And since we were so busy the week of the event and didn't get to get some for the party...we could hardly stand it and had to get it done last week. It is absolutely gorgeous. I've gotten so much attention from it...like I need any more...ha ha! It's a beautiful accessory for sure. I also did a couple of small ones for potential real tattoo placement...fun!

For those who don't know the henna process...it last two weeks...already starting to fade after only a week. Look how dark it is on the second day. The process is over 500 years old and is used traditionally in Indian and Asia. Henna is a plant. It is ground up and made very fine and made into a paste using things like tea tree oil, lemon and sugar. Jennifer did it all freehand...she's amazing...using a tiny cone similar to what you would use when decorating a cake. You let it dry and keep it protected over night and then it all flakes off and you are left with the gorgeous stain. I am so in love with this whole process and end result. This is my new addiction...you will see more in the future for sure. Posted by Picasa


amylovie said...

How beautiful! I bet you did get a lot of compliments.


ana said...

The henna looks awesome! And your glasses are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Here I was ego surfing because a girlfriend said....have you seen what comes up if you try looking up your name and your blog came up the first page...so I had to look. Thank you so much for the compliments.