Why yes I watch America's Next Top Model and I feel completely ripped off. Nicole is a nincompoop (I have no idea how to spell that, but you get the gist). Whinny little 12 year old is how she behaves. Nik was stunning and gorgeous and graceful and I have no idea what the judges were thinking when they didn't pick her. She will totally outshine that little kid in the future though with no problem. That's my opinion anyway. Whaaaa!

By the by, I hear there is to be a British edition to the show starting soon, so will have to watch the tabs to find out the details. Can't wait. I'm addicted to anything fashion...I don't care if it's a stupid show.

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amylovie said...

I enjoy watching it too. I didn't watch this past season, though. I can always catch up on VH-1.