Interesting Weekend

So, we had a busy little weekend...went to a wedding and an art fundraiser for the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition (used to chair this event)... went to the Interpol concert at the Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa...which totally rocked. They kill live.

And, Sunday we were invited to an opening of a new restaurant/bar called Cafe Nova for brunch. We know two of the owners and the GM. Another co-owner happens to be Jean-Paul from the last Bachelorette show...which I promise I do and did not watch. So, Jean-Paul actually welcomed us and shook our hands, etc. He is pretty handsome, but whatever...Bachelorette Schmatchelorette. I guess he has wheeler dealed himself into a tv reality show called The Entreprenuer...again, whatever. Although, I hope I'm filmed when we go there for drinks sometimes. It is kind of cool, cause it will get Oklahoma City some attention.

While we were having our little tapas snacks, my husband nudges me and says don't look, but we are having brunch with Wayne Coyne and his wife Michelle (they were actually sitting across the room). Wayne is the lead singer of The Flaming Lips. J.D. talked to him when Wayne lost his way to the bathroom. He has met him several times though. So, another reason why it is cool to be us. Just kidding. It was fun and is a great new place to hang out...very swank.

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amylovie said...

Aren't you high-fallutin' rubbing elbows with all of that famousness! :)