Loving This!

I loves me some gnomes!Of course one of my favorite movies is Amelie and my family surprises me every now and then with a gnome at my front door. I just think they are awesome in general. How cute is this little family! The guest house we stayed at in Austria had these in the garden...they posed for me to get this shot. I thought about taking the whole lot with me back to the states, but that's not good juju, so they stayed for others to enjoy. I couldn't find a one to buy...you would think they would be everywhere as souvenirs, but no. My favorite gnome at home got his cap broken and needs to be glued back on before he goes back into the weather. That's is his ugly mug below.


amylovie said...

What cutie pies!!

ana said...

these are just wonderful! i've always wanted my own gnome army too. remember, gnomes like to travel. :-)