I swear I'm not a crazy reality tv person!

I don't watch a lot of this stuff, but I do HAVE to tune in to America's Next Top Model and that Rockstar INXS show. Those aren't necissarily "real" people, more fantasy, so it's more interesting to me. I have to admit I was a little torn between JD (left) and Marty (right) of who should have one Rockstar INXS. JD annoyed me at first...I saw right through him with his cocky little "I'm a cutie that wears too much eyeliner" attitude...he turned himself around though, because he sure could perform and the girls apparently think he's pretty cute. I liked Marty because he was so soulful and emotionally into it, but I really could picture JD more fitting in with the band. Initially I thought Mig, little Mig (center), would win because he was dramatic and was Australian, but in the end, he kind of lost it. He was too broadway. So, yeah for INXS...I hope they succeed with Mr. JD. It was interesting and by the way, Dave Navaro is a freakshow and I wanna look like Brooke Burke...gorgeous bitch. ugh!

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