Check it out...just ordered this A.B.S. from Bluefly...this very well could be my hot little red dress that I'm to wear to The Girlie Show. We have to doll ourselves up you know. It's red with tiny white polka dots...a little retro and a little classy too. My shoes are very much as hot as the dress and they are a turquoise blue pump with a bow on the peep toe.

I had a "just in case" shopping day with a girlfriend of mine on Saturday and found a striped Betsey Johnson that was awesome, but ended up with a one that matches the shoes in a round about way. I think it's a 9 West. I tried on so many dresses it wasn't even funny. It's black with different color blue dots and happens to have the same top stucture as the red one. I can always take one back when I decide which to wear...or I could be a bad girl and keep both...oops. I've gotta start saving for our Italy trip next year...better send one back.

Oh, by the way...as I'm bringing up The Girlie Show...our new glam web-site is up...you must check it out...and there are a few pics of me on there as well.

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amylovie said...

The dress is fantastic. You are going to knock 'em dead!

Lovin' the logo as well.