May 2008

A lot has happened in the past 5 months. Wow!
The month of May will be a little ridiculous for me for the rest of my life event-wise. Mother's Day is one weekend, my birthday the next, then Flynn's birthday the next, which is also Memorial weekend. Ugh.

And, to add to it, the Canvas Show is right after that. I wasn't able to go cause it is also the weekend as a huge event that my new/old job puts together. This is the second show and the second pair of Van's I designed for the Canvas event.

I went back to an old job I had seven years ago, but now with more experience and a better title, etc. I started in March, the same day I fell and broke my wrist. hmmm...coincidence is it all? All I know, is it was all bad timing. I had and still have way too much on my plate. Time to say no.

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