Flynn's 1st Birthday Party

BooBoo's first birthday party was Memorial weekend. We had over 40 people (close friends, neighbors and family) at the house. It was a tight fit but so much fun. It was a vintage race car theme. Flynn wore a tshirt I made for him and we got him the cutest Little Red Wagon race car. He's now getting more into it now that his legs are longer. He also got the blue Pooh Bear car which makes plenty of noise. His party was so much fun. He was startled by the singing of the birthday song but got into when he realized it was all for him. My friend Melissa is an awesome baker...she made his cake to match his tshirt and the cookies too. My inlaws put in landscaping that weekend as their gift to us all. It turned out really nice...we needed it. It really was a perfect first birthday party. Next year...low key.

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