Becky's One Skein Wonder

My dear friend Becky had mentioned that she liked my One Skein Wonder... I'm going to go ahead and stick my neck out here and say, probably 2 years ago...and I started one for her and got nearly complete and for stupid reason I never finished it. I think because the yarn was totally wrong, but I wouldn't admit it because I hate spending time on something only to onravel and start over.

So, going along with my plan to save money and consume less, I was going to finish that darn schrug and give it to her for her birthday. Because I'm also on a kick to finish my unfinished projects.
I just couldn't bear to give her the tan ugly mess, so I started over in a different color that I knew she would love.

And, yes, she freakin' loved it...announced that the purple I choose was her new color for the season and wigged out. And, proud to say it fit her perfectly and is adorable.

One Skein Wonder - CHECK...off the list!

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