AmeriVespa 2006 - Denver

We just got back from AmeriVespa last weekend in Denver. We had a blast...met lots of new friends and got lots of heat. My husband did a fantastic job at planning this event...went off without a hitch. There were over 500 attending...the largest scooter event in the nation...awesome.

My scooter is featured briefly in this Denver News segment...of course you can't see me sitting on it. I have no photos of me on my bike at all from the weekend. Look for the hot pink Vespa...she's gorgeous! For more event photos, check out: Scoot.net.

I was bummed that I had no extra time to hook up with Cathi who lives there...was in the plans, but we were so overwhelmed with things I couldn't make it out to see her. Maybe next time! I got a little knitting done...working on the Baby's 1st Tattoo sweater from SnB Nation for a girlfriend's baby girl.

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Limegirl said...

There's probably more to AmeriVespa than shoes, but I can't stop looking at all the beautiful shoes in your pics!