One Skein Wonder needs help! I don't get it...

Girls, what am I not getting???? I’m so confused and I really don’t know why…can someone please help me?!?

I’ve been working on the One Skein Wonder and got the body of it done and it looks beautiful and the pattern was so easy and I was so proud cause I planned on wearing it to work on Monday. So, what is Stefani saying to do on the sleeve part???…I’m not seeing the number of stitches to do or anything…it’s confusing what I’m supposed to do. I feel like part of the instructions are left out or something. I guess I'm just a more visual person and need step by step diagrams like a dummy...

Here’s what it says after the body is finished:

“At this point, all the knitting for the main part of the shrug is finished. Now the seeed stitch trim on the sleeve cuffs is worked and stitches picked up around the body for the ribbing. (Note: I don’t get that part either, by the way!)

Finish Sleeves: Left Sleeve: Using the 5 us needle, work the trim for the left sleeve back and forth in seed stitch for one inch Cast off loosely. Seam (Note: Am I just knitting a certain number of stitches to do this? Am I only picking up and knitting from the stitch holders and out? Am I supposed to pick-up stitches do this with a separate needle on the bottom of the body? I just don’t get it? And where the heck do you seam AT?)

Place the stiches between the two markets onto a stitch holder or length of scrap yarn to be worked later. (Note: huh???)”

And, then of course the rest of the pattern is a complete blur as well. Obviously, my brain is fried and I just don’t get it, because how many lovelies have made this so far…jillions. Someone knows what they are doing.

What do I do? Plus – was I supposed to bind-off the body section??? Hep me Hep me!

Here she is...in her all her glitter. This is a gorgeous yarn - kacki with gold threads...will get those details later...so soft.


Cathi said...

Here is what I did-
I left the entire thing on the needle, since it's on a circ, and you don't need to move them onto stitch holders, it can just sit on the extra line. Then you work back and forth on one sleeve area (yes, it is the stitches from the marker on out, you don't pick up any additional ones), bind this off once you get to the one inch that is needed. Since the rest of the sweater is still on the needle, go to the other sleeve area and work the seed st on this.

For the seaming of the sleeves, just sew the one inch of seed stitch together. That is all that the armband requires.

Once you are done with the seed st for both arms, the sts for the back portion are on the needle, and you pick up stitches around the rest of the garment (basically any edge that hasn't already been worked). It will make it into one piece, and you will see the shrug shape of it a little more.

I hope that made some sense- I'm not so good at explaining with words.

I'm so glad that you got the markers and that you like them!

amylovie said...

Cathi explained it well. If you need more help, let us know.


Amanda said...

Don't worry, I was confused at first, too. Just do what the first commenter suggested and it'll work out.