This is a pic Flossy shot of her giftie...notice the giant button...love it.

So, I've received 3 of my 5 cd's so far from the CD Swap2. It's fun receiving music that other people are interested in. One girl is a 15 year old , Jenny, that snuck her stuff out cause her Dad is real hard on her and she had to make it top secret...she even printed out lyrics...a lot of Beatles and Rolling Stones and some sad alternative songs. Another girl, Becca, sent a theme cd of all songs either related to "science" or school or having the words "science" or "education" in the title...very cleaver. The 1st cd I received was from Kristi in Colorado...some fun tunes on there...lots I had never heard of. I'm going to sit out of the next CD Swap, but will definately do it again.

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