Crochetista - not the same affect huh?

I took a crochet class this weekend. I hadn't crocheted since I was a wee one, so the one handed thing was freaking me out since I'm so used to using two needles. I'm guess I'm a visual person...I picked it up very quickly and learned all the stitches I should know, but when I look at a pattern it makes absolutely no since to me...figures. I guess I'm going to have to go back and get some assistance with that too. It's cool though, cause now, I should be able to do some pretty edging and cute patterns I've been eye-balling. It's still not the same as knitting though...doesn't give you the same satisfaction.

I love this old postcard from Vogue. I found it on style.com a while back. I collect postcards and would love to find some old knitting ones...will have to keep the ol' eye out now.

I'm this close to finishing the One Stitch Wonder...and it is a wonder what's taking me so long. I'm way to much of a perfectionist. I have all the stitches picked up around the edge and am going to start on the ribbing. I should fly through that as long as I have enough yarn. I'm on my second skein and it's looking a little thin in the middle. I hope it makes it through. I'm going to finish it by the weekend for sure.

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amylovie said...

I need to tackle crochet as well. There are so many cute patterns out there. Have you seen the celebrity shawl from stitchdiva.com? Love it!