More Cute Pug Stuff

So, this is Ape's girlfriend Betsy...with her Momma, Becky at his birthday party. How small world is it that we both have the pug t-shirts! Plus we have the same Christmas (I know that's cheesy) pug t-shirts...they're stylin' though, don't worry! Becky's an interior designer...so much fun, but not a knitter yet...still trying to convince her that anyone can do it. In the mean time, she's paying me to make her stuff, so that's all good for me...tee hee.


amylovie said...

Cute babies and cute mommas!

amy said...

shirt is adorable. i have a girlfriend who is a very good pug mommy and would love the t-shirt. did you find that online by chance?

oh and i think it goes without saying that the pugs are cute too!

as always, love the blog.

Esther said...

The doggies are just freaking ADORABLE!!! And the seatbelt thingy is so cute! Great idea!