The Flaming Lips Documentary

Not only are The Flaming Lips just cool, they happen to be from Oklahoma City and Wayne Coyne (front center) still lives here and Steven (left) is moving back. Brad Beasley (also from OKC) directed a documentary about them called "The Fearless Freaks" and it screened here last night...obviously we went, along with all the other cool people... Wayne was there and did a Q&A thang. It was pretty awesome. We have met he and his wife Michelle before and have a lot of friends that know them well. OKC is a small big town. We can't go anywhere without seeing people we know or people knowing people we know...amazing. Anyway, what a great film. Even if I couldn't stand them as a band (which I love them), it was very moving and interesting and extremely well done...go see it...go see them in concert (awesome and freaking at the same time)...buy their music. So love them!

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amy said...

i heart the flaming lips. i'll have to keep a lookout for the documentary.

and your adorable baby puggie pics are so stinkin cute. hope ape had a great bday.

by the way, did you buy the boots? you should! i have a pair of burberry wellies and i wear them ALL the time (of course i live in a city known for rain!).