Sweet Mama, I did it!

I started a knitting project. I'm doing the little lap blanket in this gorgeous Classic Elite- Le Gran which is the same citrus green as in the pattern pic. The coordinating color is a cobalt blue, which matches our living room rugs. The reason I'm so excited is I've been wanting to make an afgan type item for some time now...I've been prolonging the action though because it is so damn expensive to do so. I'm sure I could figure out how to get wholesale, but anticipate having to buy in major bulk...so was lazy in doing the research. I wanted to do the full size afgan pattern, but that would mean it would cost around $250 or more to make...uh, that's rediculous. Instead I am making an $85 lap blanket...still pisses me off, but will be so happy to have. I would never ever buy anything of this sort retail...never.

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froggyknits.com said...

i love that blanket! so many great knits in that book.