I figured it out.

I need to post a pic of my accomplishment - will do later - I started two knitting projects as of rencent and get all excited them and get one row done then it tells me I need to make short rows...what the hell is that? Well, I have the hardest time finding any type of decent explanation and directions on how to accomplish these stitches, so these two little projects get put by the wayside. And, inside I'm just dying to make them cause they're so cool. One is the "pie shaped" shawl in Weekend Knitting - am doing in a fushia mohair...lovely. And, the other is the Scarf Style capelet...how cute is that...found sale yard at my LYS in a great variagated blue/purple/gray ribbon...love it...and only $14 total...bonus...the only way.

So, anyhow, I bought the Vogue Knitting "How to do anything" book, which really has great instructions, and finally figured it out last night...I was really proud of myself. I got one little triangle section done on my capelet. It will be pretty easy to make, now that I have it down. Yippie! I love little jackety, cover-upy, shawly things...nice accessory items and they keep away the chill and make you look glam too.

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