My Girl! - My Karmann!

Okay, it's OUR girl, I have to share, but she will be my daily drive...Yippie! I never thought I would actually be getting my dream car...a Karmann Ghia...oh, my goodness! My husband called me yesterday all giddie and says guess what I just bought you...and jokingly I say, "What, a Karmann Ghia?" knowing that it was a totally unrealistic fantasy purchase...he replys, "How did you know?" and I say, "No, really, what did you get me?" and he says, "No really, I got you a Karmann Ghia!" No way...and I fainted...just kidding.

She's an ugly girl, but she's real and she's mine/ours. Obviously she needs a lot of work, but she runs and the body is near perfect. J.D. thinks this is going to be our "project" car to work on together...I'm thinking he can work on it and I can drive it when she's pretty. We'll see...I might help a little.

This has been on my "list" forever...ever since Molly Ringwald drove a pink hard top in Pretty in Pink I have wanted one. It's a 1973 rare convertible...how cool. My life will never be the same...I LOVE IT!!!!! Now, to decide...what color??? J.D. won't let me do pink...don't think I didn't try to persuede him either. Yippie!


amy said...

how cool is that? what an amazing surprise!! i know all about car obsession. i bought my dream car a couple years ago and it was SO MUCH FUN! as for paint colors, i tend to be a green girl (my car is a light, seafoamy green).

and btw, i know you probably don't need it now, but zainobros.com makes the best car care stuff out there! i get my car wash etc from them. (i told you i was obsessed!)

happy new car to you!!

kat said...

Wow, now who's a lucky girl!!!! That car is so super cute. Shame that it won't be pink, but it'll look cute in any colour that's for sure! Congrats!