We had our local rally this weekend...I'm so sleepy from staying up so late.
We had 130 people in from Houston, San Antonio, Denver, Austin, Dallas, Kansas City and California...very cool...last year we had 75, so it's getting bigger and bigger every year. People like us! Whoo Hoo. JD planned a great event...had a meet and greet BBQ, band at VZD's, raffle and amazing party Sat. night at the Chesapeeke Boat House...very cool building! It was a great time...now I'm ready for a nap. Here are a fes pics from the weekend! Good times...good times!

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anita said...

You must live in or near OKC. I live just a couple blocks from the scooter store and wondered what all the hoopla was going on there. Looked like everyone was having fun.