Baby Lap Blanket...all done...next

No, I haven't finished my own lap blanket, but this one I did.
It's a darling little pink/blue number made for my cousin's little
baby girl Avery Elise. It's from Weekend Knits. It whipped up fairly quickly...
for some reason much easier and quicker than my regular mohair one. I am finished
with my green one, just need to weave in the ends and all done, then photos
will arrive to prove it! So excited those are done. The baby one turned out so cute,
especially after steaming it up a bit and it stretched out a little more. I will definately
do more of those and used a fairly cheap yarn, something I had stashed... so very
affordable, unlike my green one... drats...oh well...live and learn...I just wanted
a very nice one for the decor and it will be totally worth it!

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amylovie said...

The baby version is precious. It will be much loved.