My husband is in San Antonio for a shoot and of course is having a great time...anywhere he goes he hooks up with scooter guys and rides all over their town. He wants us to go for for a weekend trip down there now to hang out. I have got to clean up my scooter to sell. I have way too much other stuff going on to even think about that stuff. The deal is I want a new Stella, looks vintage but runs won't (knock on wood) break down like the old ones...the one I want is mint green too. I just have to get my silver one cleaned up and pretty so we can sell it. We have a real big scooter community in the City. We have around 15 in our club...not counting the guys that come over from Tulsa. And now that we have Atomic Brown Scooter Shop, more yuppies are buying them and riding around town. Pretty cool! It's so much fun riding in a pack...adrenaline...only if my current would go over 50mph. J.D. has a "super" scooter, goes over 90mph...yikes! Say your prayers for that one.

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