Wow, what a great show...it was packed and everyone had a fantastic time. I think we topped last years crowd, and hopefully the art sales were good too. The event was such a blast. I was movin' and shakin'... the way any good hostess would do I suppose. There were so many people there, I never even saw a few of my committee members the whole night. After clean up today, I was like, "Where were you?", and they were like, " Where were you???". How bizarre. I love a successful party and it was so easy, no muss no fuss... a great working committee makes all the difference.

My feet, on the other hand, are a mess...an awesome pair of heels are not the greatest for a 7 hour night standing, but I looked goooood. It feels so good that everything went well and everyone likes me, YEAH !!!!!!!

One of my clients was wearing one of my necklaces and she said someone came up to her and asked if it was one of mine??? And she said, "Of course it is"..... How interesting that people are recognizing me...it's great...it's working, whatever that is. Hopefully I can keep it up. Off to nap now and get ready for the in-laws coming to town this week. Woo Hoo!

So, some of the artists featured at the auction can be checked out here.(www.ovacgallery.com).

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