Well, not too exciting the little art show I was in last weekend. No big deal I guess, I really didn't expect much anyway. Made back my booth space and a little more. It was such a beautiful day outside though...so I just enjoyed the breeze and visited with the other artists...got a scarf knitted while I was hanging out. At least I confirmed my suspicions...I don't want to do art/craft shows anymore...way too much trouble for the kind of sales I want/need to do. I'm setting my sites much higher where they sould belong anyway.

Saturday is a big day..."my" event (I'm chairman this year), the 12x12 is goin' down. I'm so excited...this is the biggest show/fundraiser of the year in my book in the City. It, for one, is an honor to be invited to donate a piece to the show, and two is a huge honor to be asked to chair. At least 600 people attend this show and raises funds for the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition (www.ovac-ok.org). They are one of the top art/artist supporter non-profits in the state besides the Arts Councils. So, I have to get a pedi/mani tomorrow and get all prepped to stand out at the show. I can't wait.

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