Long Damn Day

Just got back in the office from a horendously boring day...total waste of my time, except for the stop by the yarn store on my way back. We set up a booth at a career day thing and were supposed to interview prospective interns for jobs in the afternoon. Hardly any students came by period and we ended up not signing up anyone...so a waste of set up and sitting around time.

I stopped by my yarn store, SWAK, , in Guthrie, OK. They are the best...have everything. I usually spend way too much when I go in there, and wasn't even going to stop but my coworker wanted to go too, so I only spent $48. That is a miracle for me!

I got some hot pink chunky yarn for a skinny scarf for myself and some gorgeous varigated mohair with seafoam green and kacki...so pretty. I think I'm going to make a wrap of some sort with that. Also got a couple of mags.


It is an absolutely beautiful day...heading off to meet my boys at the dog park...gotta get outta these heels...yikes.

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