What a Crazy Week

I'm so worn out from work this week...at least I made up for some of the leave I've taken though...thank goodness it is the weekend and I only have to work half a day today. I'm wearing this great t-shirt I forgot I bought in Austin in January. It was still in my bag o' yarn that I got there...found it last night. It is perfect: hotpink, fitted and has a reference to knitting. It kind of looks like an old concert t-shirt...has the lighting bolts and says KNITTING ROCKS! I love it.

I started a little baby girl cap last night...what was I thinking...it's on #5 dpn's. I have never knit anything so tiny in my life...I don't do socks. It will take me for freakin' ever to do. Maybe the kid will be a year old by the time I finish and I should make the bigger size...but there's no way I'm starting over. We shall see. It will be pretty and have a little ruffled edge to it. I know the momma will love it.

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