New Boy - New Sweater

See, it's not just about pugs...I AM KNITTING TOO!

Here he is, my sweetie pie in his new Farari red racing stripe sweater. He is named after Enzo Farari by the way...says his daddy. Not my choice, but I do love his name.

This is the sweater he is going to wear for family portrait day. I'm still working on big brother's sweater. And, no, Momma and Daddy are not going to be in matching sweaters...just photos of the brothers. How cute is he...now really! Precious!


amylovie said...


amy said...

did you just wing that or use a pattern? my friend just adopted a 1 year old pug from seattle pug rescue and i would love to knit him something like that :)

Devin&Enda said...

This photo makes me want to buy a pug TODAY. And perhaps knit a sweater. But I'm in definite urge of buying a pug from this photo!

Pugknits said...

cutecutecute cute cute! :)