Brothers and Bones

Here are my crazy little boys. They like to steal each others bones. Notice Ape licking his chops...Enzo had stolen his big bone and is keeping an eye out. They have been so funny. Enzo follows his big brother around everywhere...Ape's little shadow. They like to fight and chase too...which is a little out of control for me, but that will get better as Enzo gets older. He holds his own, which is good, cause Ape is a dominant one. Gotta love um!


amy said...

yeah for the new pug family! that is the cutest picture. although i am not much of a dog person, i do love the pugs. i have many friends who have pairs of pugs and i love them! congrats again!

jen o said...

ooomg, SO CUTE

amylovie said...

What little puddin's!