Me and my big ideas

Well, crap...it just dawned on me all the gifts I have to make and everything is at the same time. Me and my big idea to try to be a little "slow" this year and not to spend a bunch of money on gifts. This is my list. I better get busy.

1. Mare's birthday is the day before Flynn's and I'll be getting ready for his first birthday party, so I have to get this made now. Since it is her special "big" birthday, I want to make her the Counterpane Carpet Bag by Carrie Brenner. She will so love this. I've been planning on making me one too...some day! This photo is from the pattern on Ravelry...so pretty...love this yarn!
NOTE: This is the Ravelry link.

2. I would love to make Flynnie something for his birthday...maybe a knitted amiguri monster or something.

3. Dawn's having her special "big" birthday this year too, but I have until August for that one and have to figure out what I'm going to knit her...maybe something to wear...hmmm.

4. I'm already working on a baby blanket for my cousin. The shower is next weekend...nothing elaborate as I haven't had a ton of time to prepare for this one. Photos to come. I'm about 1/4 of the way done with it. It's a baby pink and tan striped blankie.


Kary said...

Love the colors in your bag - what yarn is that?

Early Bird Special said...

That's my friend Leah's bag! I thought I recognized it. (Actually it was the sofa that triggered my memory.)

She's so awesome!! http://betweenstupidandclever.com/index.php