Buttnernut Yum!

Her it is...my very first "vegetarian" meal...and my fist soup from scratch.
It turned out really good. My husband and sister both liked it for real. I got it from a Martha Stewart Food Magazine...a recent issue.

You can take pretty much any vegetable and put it into this formula:
I used one large butternut squash, peeled and cubed
brown an onion in 2T olive oil (I hate onions, but knew the flavor would add a lot to the soup and since it was pureed I would hardly know it was there...except in my head...I will probably only do an half onion next time so I don't taste it as much...I have a weird life long relationship with onions...eww.)
Then, boil all with two cups veggie broth and water to cover then simmer until tender.
Puree in batches in blender and add salt, pepper, lemon and a dollup of non-fat yogurt (yes, dairy, but working on that).
It was super easy. I'll try mushroom or carrot next time. And, you can freeze this really easy. It makes a lot...probably 6 servings.

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