Pint / Half Pint

Can you stand the cuteness? My sweet boys...Daddy and Bitty.
These tees were a gift for JD for his birthday. Of course he put it on instantly and had to have Flynn's on too...and photos soon insued. They are so adorable, especially with their matching skullys, denims and trainers.

I know you all think your kids are the cutest in the world...but that's just not humanly possible. Just look at that little baby boy. He makes me so happy I cry sometimes just looking at him.

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meg said...

both are AHH-Dorable!

pinkurocks said...

Yep he's gorgeous and daddy's not bad either. I love how fathers like to dress in matching clothes with their boys. Darin said he's never felt more like a girl because he likes to dress Jake in different outfits!!!

mommacurran said...

He is pretty cute!....both of them. You all are such great parents it is so refreshing to watch all of our neighbors raise such sweet boys.

Ms. M said...

so fun! love that pic... and the little caps too!