This kid...

I swear. I can hardly stand it....I love him so much. Happy Valentine's Day Boo Boo.
Just look at that face, not to mention the crazy hair-do. He is hysterical...what a card.

We were laying on the bed reading his photo book (he's on the cover at about 4 months old) last Wednesday and I got some great shots of him flipping through tht pages. He's so funny cause he almost points at things cause he used his finger to touch. He's touching the tag on this one. He loves tags by-the-way...goes right for those. I suppose pots and pans will be his next adventure. He is such a happy little man. He's toothing right now too and not a peep about it (got one pokin' through)...just happy go lucky...no, how lucky am I?

I take Wednesday's off and get to spend the whole day with him. It's so much fun. We take naps together and read and play on the floor and go shopping. We just take our time and do whatever we want. He is going to be crawling I bet within a week. He can flip and flop and rotate around but can't scoot anywhere just yet. What an amazing thing is this little boy!!!

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meg said...

he is SOOO FLIPPIN' cute!