Okay…a month and a half later, I’m finally getting around to doing this. Oops. Miss Amy tagged me with a 7 Random Things About Me, so here are the goods. 7 of you will get tagged too - watch out!

In my early 20’s, I went skydiving (solo) and my mom jumped too, which is a more interesting fact if you knew my mom...totally not her character. She didn’t want me to bungee jump and thought jumping out of an airplane would be safer. Okay? I don’t know if that’s true but it was pretty freakin’ awesome.

On my second date with my husband (in my very late 20’s), he took me up on a grain silo south of downtown Oklahoma City to shoot a photograph of the Skyline for Oklahoma Today Magazine. It was cool and romantic at first…then I learned I was afraid of heights…out of the blue. I pretty much had a panic attack and couldn’t climb down the ladder to get off the thing. It was such an awful and humiliating experience. For some reason the man still married me.

I love sleeping with the windows open when it rains and thunderstorms all night and the cool breeze puts you to sleep.

If I was alone on a Friday night (without the fam), one of my favorite things to do is sit in front of the tv and watch old movies with a bunch of junk food, a Coke, my knitting and a stack of magazines and stay up til 2am. Then fall asleep on the couch with the pugs snuggled up with me and have absolutely no obligations the next morning so I can sleep til noon. Love that.

Pet Peeve #213
I hate sweaty drinking glasses, cans or bottles. It makes me crazy. I have to have a napkin wrapped around them so I don’t have to touch the wet…just feels gross to me.

I love vintage stuff…love love love. I wear vintage and love the hunt.
But, when I go to vintage clothing stores, I get a creepy icky feeling. I don’t like to touch things and I hold my breath so I don’t take the air in...like I'm gonna get cooties. Because in my mind, it’s old and stinky and dirty and has been on someone else’s body from 40 years ago…even though I’m sure it has really been laundered since then. For example: polyester clothes from the 60s/70s. No way…very cute and all…but I could never let that fabric touch my body. I envy those girls who can just throw on a 60s crocheted poncho and be all about it…but ewww! Totally mental. It’s so stupid.

I don’t like other people to be messy, but it’s okay for me to be. It’s like my eyes don’t see my pile of clothes that need to be hung or my dirty dishes. They’ve just become part of the décor somehow. But, if my husband’s are there, I know which ones are his and he dang well better take care of it immediately…totally weird.

Aren't I fascinating? But anyway…here are the lucky 7 that are now tagged by me:

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Jennifer said...

your perfect Friday night sounds like mine, too, except it'd be with wine instead of coke ;) although, that's probably just cuz i'm craving what i can't have since i'm preggers lol

thanks for the tag...my seven are up, so go check 'em out :)

Early Bird Special said...

These were really great, Erin! I'm glad you did this. It's fun to know a little bit more about my friends. I totally relate to #4 & #7. <3