He totally posed for this

He totally posed for this, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

This child o' mine is beyond words. Just look at that beautiful posed face. I held him at the front door with the sunlight coming in on him and took a jillion photos. He posed pensively for everyone of them. Crack up!


Chandra said...

Look out, Mom! You may just have a supermodel on your hands. ;) Super adorable, too!!

kirsten said...

hey there! i'm a friend of pinkurocks and used to check your blog quite frequently, but since having a baby last dec. and then moving back to the states this summer, i've not been keeping up with my favorite blogs. anyway, all this to say that your boy is gorgeous! last time i checked, he was just a little baby, and now he's a big cutie. well done!

mames said...

that hair, those eyes, the way he is working it. adorable.