Canvas Show

My project last week was to start and finish embroidering these Vans for a new show this fall called Canvas. It's an auction featuring local artists/celebrities that decorate a pair of Van shoes and donate them to raise money for a charity. Wayne Coyne, of the Flaming Lips, is doing a pair too....I'm in good company I think. They are trying to get 100 pairs donated. So, I turned mine in in the nick of time on Saturday to Shoe Gypsy, who sponsored the shoes. The Girlies all did a pair and we will display ours together to promote the show. I'm really happy how they turned out...so cute. I kind of hope they don't sell so I can keep them.

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Been Busy Knittin'

I've gotten quite a bit done lately on the knitting front. I just finished this tea cozy for my mom for her birthday in October...starting a little early while I have the time and am in the mood to felt. She collects tea pots so she will lurve. I'm pretty happy with the turn out...should have probably double yarned it though to make thicker, but it will work...used Cascade 220. I need to start on Christmas gifts now! I want to start on a sweater for me and for the husband.

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My neighbor, Erin, is having her 30th birthday party this weekend. She loves my scarves and has bought a couple. I whipped this lacey number up pretty quick for her...so easy. I love lace. I found this great green mohair in Austin at Hill Country Weavers a couple years ago...can't recall the brand but love it. I got several colors in this huge skein. I addapted the pattern from the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book...made a little longer and switched up the lace pattern a little. This will be real cute under a coat for color and texture. It's not a wrap around, it's more decorative but warm. I might make one for myself...I like the style, it's different.
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Baby Blankie

I just finished a baby blanket for Zachary...a new little boy that belongs to my coworker Erik.
They did his room in a denim blue and green and I had this wonderfully soft sale yarn in that color - Sirdar Nova. I had two skeins thinking it was enough, but alas, it wasn't. I scowered the planet looking for another match. They just aren't selling it anymore and no one has it on ebay either. Drats. So, Zachary got a smaller "binky" style blanket instead. Oh well. I think they will like it anyway. The checkered pattern turned out pretty cute and it's so easy. I went to the yarn store the other day and made sure to buy all the Sirdar Nova they had on sale in bulk...it makes a really cute blanket. I'll be better prepared next time.

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