End of the Year Recap

Well, here ya have it...my knitting accomplishments for the year, or lack thereof. These were my goals and the stars next to them were completed....I did knit other things that weren't on the list, so I wasn't a total slacker.

Knitting Goals for 2006


* - to finish the lapblanket (which the dogs recently destroyed...how do you fix multiple snags? I should spank their butts!)
* - to make husband's skull cap (success and he actually wears it and wants another)
* - to make fingerless gloves for self (turned out cute, but have never worn them)
- to make hotpink mohair wrap (this is a huge project - rotating to 2007)
- to work on design and creation of more felted fedoras (need to put some thought into this)
- to work on a scarf for felting as a side project when need a break from the rest (not currently interested)


A special visit from Tokyo

The internet is an amazing thing. About three years ago I was getting into the whole knitting blog thing and started scoping out other people's blogs. I found Kat (Pinku) totally randomly and her current post was they just got back from the holidays in Beaver, OK...I did a double take...what? Beaver, OK. Of course, I'm in Oklahoma. So, I emailed her immediately and started blogging ever since. She is now married to Darin who is from Beaver and they come to the states every other year or so and visit his family. Kat's from Australia. She's a brilliant knitter and fluent in Japanese....amazing.

So, when she and Darin made their trip this year to Oklahoma, they hooked up with us and stayed the night and had a blast. This shot is us staying up late...she was teaching me how to make socks. Of course we went to SWAK to buy yarn. She is a fabulous girl and we hit it off instantly. How amazing to have a friend like her through the internet. Knitters unite. I'm so sad they don't live closer. They were so much fun. They are back home now, but we some day look forward to visiting them there in Tokyo.
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They brought all kinds of great goodies and prizes from Japan for us. Of course, most of the candy is not in the shot, cause it was gone immediately, yum. She got some cute matches and Hello Kitty stuff too. Wonderful!
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I forget what these Neko's are fully called. This one is awesome and pink...so cute...and it's solar powered and waves its little hand and bobs its head to bring me good luck and lots of good things. I love this!
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Even the boys got special gifts from Japan...Happi Coats. They weren't very happy with me when I made them try them on, but they're gonna have to just deal..maybe some happi will rub off on them. They looked so freakin' cute on them. Ape was so mad at me, he hid under my chair and the table to show his disdane. We are going to take them to Santa Fe with us for Christmas so they will look hot to trot around town.
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Ape on Kat's lap

Ape on Kat's lap
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The boys fell in love with Kat and Darin. Ape is all snuggled up for a nap on Kat's lap. Too cute! They have guinea pigs at home that are their babies.


Family Snow Day

Since I had a snow day and it turned out to be such a sunny morning, we had a ball playing in the snow at the park. The boys loved it...hated wearing their tshirts and jackets though! They were pooped at the end of the day!
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Our Holiday card 2006! How cute are my boys!!! And, they're both smiling! Hee hee!
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up to his waist in it!
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Self Portrait Tuesday 14

We took the boys to our neighborhood park this weekend to play in the snow...it was so pretty. I was all bundled up. My shadow looks huge. That's one of our lovely bridges decked out in holiday goodness. Our park is the prettiest in the city. We love it!
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