End of the Year Recap

Well, here ya have it...my knitting accomplishments for the year, or lack thereof. These were my goals and the stars next to them were completed....I did knit other things that weren't on the list, so I wasn't a total slacker.

Knitting Goals for 2006


* - to finish the lapblanket (which the dogs recently destroyed...how do you fix multiple snags? I should spank their butts!)
* - to make husband's skull cap (success and he actually wears it and wants another)
* - to make fingerless gloves for self (turned out cute, but have never worn them)
- to make hotpink mohair wrap (this is a huge project - rotating to 2007)
- to work on design and creation of more felted fedoras (need to put some thought into this)
- to work on a scarf for felting as a side project when need a break from the rest (not currently interested)

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