Time to Knit

I feel like I won't let myself knit right now until I get all baby and house stuff in order. I don't know why I do that to myself. I need to just do it. I guess I feel guilty doing fun things when I need to clean house...yuck!

I am however starting a little cotton beanie cap for Flynn and I'm going to do a matching one for his Daddy. I also want to make some little knit pants and a sweater for the fall/winter. Maybe I have a thing about making warm things in the summer cause he can't wear them yet and I'll be wanting to see him in them as soon as possible. I hate waiting. I am going a little bonkers right now waiting for June 23 to roll around...even though I only have 8 more weeks left. That's really not very far off.

JD is going to be taking pregnancy photos soon. I want to do my hair and makeup vintage so it will hopefully detract from the thighs a little. They should turn out pretty cool.

Work is throwing a shower for us next week and then the following week, my big shower. Everything seems to be happening so fast. Flynn is getting big and heavy. My belly is tight and uncomfortable and have had a little heartburn, which is not fun. And, I see what is the beginnings of the cankle. I've been dreading that happening, but will deal I suppose. I'll endure whatever is thrown at me for my little boy.

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meg said...

ah, the dreaded cankle. i'm sure it's only you that notices because you always look fantabulous in your pictures.

sounds like it's getting down to the wire and lots of exciting things are coming up (photos, showers, knitting). have fun with it and allow yourself some knitting time. you deserve it!

amylovie said...

The last weeks are the hardest. You will forget all about it though when you lay eyes on him for the first time.


Amy said...

Uhh yeah, the cankle sucks. I have some really scary pictures of my pregnancy cankles. I'll put them on flickr, so you won't feel so bad. ;)