Stroller Brigade

Stroller Brigade, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

We have the best neighbors ever on our block...and great friends they are. Counting Flynnie, there have been 2 boys born on our side of the block and 7 born on the other. Seven currently still live here...and it's so much fun. We went with the Oldfields and the Currans recently to a great pizza place on the Paseo just a few blocks from the hood. So, here we all are with our strollers and little ones...it was quite a site and so much fun! We love our block!!! It's going to be such a blast all the boys growing up and playing together!

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justmommy said...

Love it! What fun indeed! Agreed, we do have the best neighbors...now we just need to get that game night lined up....

Kisses to sweet Flynn! :)