Baby Shower Time

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My girlfriends threw us a wonderful baby shower this weekend. It was so perfect. Becky opened her home and Angi, Dawn and Marilyn hosted with her. It was so pretty and about 30 of my friends and family came. I just wish I could have visited with everyone longer...it went by so fast. They got us some wonderful thoughtful gifts and opening everything was so much fun. Flynn will totally be stylin' in all his cute gear. Thank girls for making this a wonderful time for me. I loved it!

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At the shower, they sat me on the leopardess thrown to open gifts. The food was wonderful and Becky ordered the cutest cake with a preggo chick on it. My girls did a lovely job...it was a very special shower and was so much fun.

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Some of my favorites from the shower: some Etsy goodness, tattoo shoes, Gap onesie - handknitted blanket - scooter hat and burp clothes - handmade diaper cake


The cutest pugs ever!

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More adorable pug photos...I had to snap these while driving home from the wedding last weekend. Ape doesn't like to miss any of the action on the road, so he sits up practically the whole time so he can watch me. But, he actually falls asleep with his little face pressed up against the crate. He cracks me up. Plus, Enzo hogs the lay-down space.

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Sleepy boys getting ready for their naps on the way home from the wedding.


Sneaky Enzo

Sneaky Enzo, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

This pug is such a mess. I caught him in the kitchen going through their travel bag and getting ready to dig into the treat box. Another minute and he would have had them all in his belly.


Time to Knit

I feel like I won't let myself knit right now until I get all baby and house stuff in order. I don't know why I do that to myself. I need to just do it. I guess I feel guilty doing fun things when I need to clean house...yuck!

I am however starting a little cotton beanie cap for Flynn and I'm going to do a matching one for his Daddy. I also want to make some little knit pants and a sweater for the fall/winter. Maybe I have a thing about making warm things in the summer cause he can't wear them yet and I'll be wanting to see him in them as soon as possible. I hate waiting. I am going a little bonkers right now waiting for June 23 to roll around...even though I only have 8 more weeks left. That's really not very far off.

JD is going to be taking pregnancy photos soon. I want to do my hair and makeup vintage so it will hopefully detract from the thighs a little. They should turn out pretty cool.

Work is throwing a shower for us next week and then the following week, my big shower. Everything seems to be happening so fast. Flynn is getting big and heavy. My belly is tight and uncomfortable and have had a little heartburn, which is not fun. And, I see what is the beginnings of the cankle. I've been dreading that happening, but will deal I suppose. I'll endure whatever is thrown at me for my little boy.

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