Belly 0207 side view, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Flynnie has been kicking for a couple of weeks now...not too annoying, but at times it makes me feel a little funny and nausious. I put my ipod earphone in my belly button yesterday and played music for a little while...he immediately started acting up. Who knows if he likes it or not, but I like feeling him move around.

I'm getting pretty big. JD measured me last night and my belly is 41 inches round...yikes. My belly button is stretching out more and will soon be popping out I'm sure.

These shots are from the first of the month (kinda hard to take my own belly photo these days and get the whole thing in the shot!). He's grown a lot since and they say he should be at least a foot long by now. I can't wear these jeans anymore as of last week. The button is cutting into my waist. I even tried to hook up a rubber band to expand it some, but I'm getting way to robust. I love the Old Navy maternity tank I'm wearing...highly recommended. It's fun though. More people are starting to touch my tummy. I kinda like it, as long as they are friends. It just shows their excitement to me. I especially love it when JD does it in front of people to show me off...he's so cute. More soon.

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