Flynn and the Dragons

Flynn and the Dragons, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

There was a Chinese New Year celebration last weekend and we just had to go by...I felt like this would be a blessing taking Flynn to the celebration since he is being born in the year of the Golden Pig ..extra good luck! The Golden Pig comes every 600 years and it is a huge deal in the culture. There's like a baby boom going on in China and women are lining up in the hospitals to have their babies in this year.

The celebration was a lot of fun...my first time to experience anything like it. I've always wanted to go to China Town in NYC or SanFran to see their parties...this was a mini one. They had these towers of firecrackers that went off and a jolly masked man led the dragons through the event and the Vietnamese grocery store, which was funny. They also had a highschool aged group that was leading with drums. It was very loud and crazy. I wondered if Flynn could hear it...well, of course he did...it was crazy! We got a gold piggy bank to put funds in for good fortune. It's an ugly little thing, but it will tell him the story and hopefully help us and him to save special money in the pig to take care of his future.

(NOTE: I'm wearing Le Slouch that I knitted a while ago...cute hat pattern)


Amy said...

We drove past this on Saturday! It was just down the street from our house.

Som said...

I'm going to have to make it to that celebration one of these days! Looks like you had a lot of fun! I always go to a New Year celebration in Norman with a friend from Hong Kong; this year, they served up some delicious tea leaf eggs, which I'm adding to my bento lunches now. But they left my spaghetti pot smelling like licorice (ew.) Here's hoping the smell fades before my husband decides to make pasta again...