Hello, my name is...

A Neckwarmer Winter, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

...Erin. Nice to meet you.

You might remember me from when I last wrote on my blog JANUARY! What? That is so sad. I need to catch up with everyone and fill you in on my little life if you are so inclined to be interested.

So, I was all about neckwarmers this past Christmas/winter. Friends and family got them as gifts and I made a couple for myself. They were a lot of fun and easy to make. I still need to post patterns on Ravelry, but you know how I obviously procrastinate. Ha.

I have actually been knitting a lot these past few months. I finished a darling lacey bolero, a kerchief, baby blanket and my first pair of socks which were a disaster in the end and will start a new pair soon with a different pattern. I am currently working on a shawl. I'm totally into shawls right now. That's my new addiction.

My son turned two this past May and he is a happy little hyper boy. We've been having lots of fun going to the zoo, coloring, swimming, playing in the sandbox and chasing the pugs.

This past spring I was fortunate enough to be selected into Leadership Arts. It's a program directed by the Oklahoma Arts Council which gave us extensive leadership knowledge in being advocates for the arts in education and in our communities. It was an unbelievable opportunity. Just the friends I have made through the program has been amazing. We're making changes together to keep arts in the foreground in our fair city.

I've not only been focusing on broad changes but on personaly changes for my own art. My goal is to get some designs together and actually have a booth at The Girlie Show this year. I haven't been in my show since the first one in 2004 and it's about dang time I promote myself again. I've gotta get busy making though. Time is counting down for November 6.

Besides family, my husband's brewery (www.coopaleworks.com) and my work, it's the same ol' same ol' in my neck of the woods. I promise to keep up with the blogging in a more timely fashion from now on!!!!


mames said...

well, good. i miss hearing things here. i am all for twitter but it is not the same as reading, you know? and me thinks you should thinks about blogher in nyc next year. i am and i want other types like me to be there. and then we can go hang out in brooklyn with the only friend i have left there who knows all the cool tatted folk. coming?

AmyC said...

Good to see you post. I have been missing all of your creative juices. I especially like your fashion ones. When do you leave for Oregon?