I Gots Some Knittin' to Do!

Okay, in reviewing what I did and didn't knit this past year, I thought I would look back to see what my goals were two years back.

Goals from 2006:
It looks like I actually did finish several of those projects. I caught up with a lot of this in 2007. And, some of these goals I'm not interested in anymore, but I do still want to make that hotpink mohair shawl and work on some of my hat designs. And, I still have one more wrist warmer to complete but will probably give those as a gift cause I'm over them.

Goals for 2008:
I accomplished quite a bit of my plan for last year in regards to special gifts. Even though I didn't make exactly all of these specific projects, I still made handmade items for my list. The only thing I didn't do was a beanie for dad and a toy for baby, but there's always this year.

Something I totally neglected in 2008...I didn't complete my "Pay it Forward" projects. So, for those of you who signed up to receive a giftie from me (Meg, Kary and Apple) please forward me your mailing addresses and I will make it a priority, I promise! I don't want to be lame in 2009. I think I just got a bit lazy last year.

So, this year I still have a couple of UFOs I would like to complete...you know, a pair of pants that won't fit my son now and a wrist warmer that I won't wear. I can't wait to carry the cute orange totebag. It will feel good to get these UFOs out of my bags and off my to-do list. I might not make gifts for everyone this year cause I don't feel like making so many commitments, plus I want to make a couple of big projects for myself...we'll see, I'm just not making promises, but I'm proud of what I made last year. Everything turned out great. I just really want to do some "Stitch n Bitch" group knitting this year...I will make that goal. I miss doing that with my friends and getting out of the house for a bit.

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