One more day.

One more day til we take off. I've been so productive this weekend...gotten so many things done for this trip...finished the peachy poncho (don't know if I will take it though), got lots of jewelry made to take / sell, washed clothes and underwear, prepared Ape for his visit to Grandma and Grandpa's, but have I packed yet? Uh, no. Tonight is the night. Tonight is the only night...yikes. I have everything kinda organized, just need to narrow it down...can't take 10 pairs of shoes on this trip...helmut takes up too much space. I will make it though...it makes me a nervous wreck not knowing what I will need for a trip like this and dealing with any weather circumstances. I have to take two of everything just in case.

I sent my Pinku Swap partners stuff off Friday and then Saturday, low and behold, I received mine in the mail from a rockin' girl named Jess from London. Oh, and she totally figured me out...I totally collect badges/buttons/pins (whatever you like to call them) I have them all over my scooter jacket. I think I'm obsessed. I'm taking some of mine that I got made to Europe to give out. Jess made me some cute ones.

When I get back I will post photos of the goodies she sent me...and a pick of the finished peachy poncho.

So, I don't think I will get to post anything while I'm gone...so will talk to ya at least by June 27. Ta! Ciao! Auf Wiedersehen!

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